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Essential Winter Equipment from Leppo Rents

By Leppo Rents
February 5, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Snow & Ice Removal Equipment
  2. Ground Thawing
  3. Construction Site Heaters
  4. Construction Lighting
  5. Waterproof Workwear


Essential Winter Equipment from Leppo Rents

Winter can be a challenging time for construction workers.  

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can present many obstacles and significantly slow down productivity. However, with the right winter equipment, you can ensure the project is finished on time and injury free in even the harshest weather conditions. 

Here are some essential winter construction tools that will enhance safety, improve efficiency, and keep your workers comfortable while performing cold-weather work.  

Snow & Ice Removal Equipment 

In 2021, 46.2% of all fatal falls, slips and trips occurred in the construction industry.  

Prevent accidents and keep your employees safe this winter with snow and ice removal equipment. Investing in winter equipment that removes snow and ice such as shovels, snowblowers, snowplows, front end loaders, and skid steers will minimize injuries and keep the job moving forward. These tools and equipment can clear large amounts of snow and ice and maintain areas with ample square footage. In addition, solutions like salt spreaders can melt the snow, making removal even more manageable.  

For example, the Bobcat S650 has an excellent lift capacity, perfect for hauling snow, and its heated cab makes it comfortable enough to work in below-freezing temperatures. The T66 is a highly comfortable compact track loader with powerful hydraulic performance and a heated air ride seat. A compact tractor such as the Bobcat CT5550 can be equipped with a front-end loader and is convenient enough to maneuver around the most challenging jobs while keeping the driver warm and dry in an enclosed cab.  

Ground Thawing  

As spring approaches, you may have many more projects lined up. However, even as the warmer weather approaches, you must ensure the ground is thawed enough to begin work. For this, you will need ground thawing equipment.  

Ground thawing equipment heats the ground to create a workable and safer base for construction. This winter equipment is used on jobsites to make the soil easier to work with. It protects the surrounding site while work is being done to the foundations and utilities.  

Common ground thawing equipment includes ground thaw heater blankets, hot air blowers, ground thaw machines, and hydronic surface heaters. This equipment utilizes hot air, water, steam, or electricity to transfer heat to the ground and thaw the frozen soil.  

Construction Site Heaters  

Optimal temperatures are not only important for the comfort of your employees, but also for the quality of your machines and the smooth operation of the project. Therefore, if you do not have access to central heating on-site, portable construction site heaters are a great option.  

These climate-controlling machines can be used to provide temporary heating for various areas including warehouses, construction sites, and machine sheds. Many of the heaters require no electricity and are powered by clean, efficient propane. Since there are a variety of heaters available, choose one that works best for the space you need.  

Construction Lighting  

With the days being shorter and natural light being less, construction lighting becomes a necessity. Unlike permanent lighting, this portable lighting is installed on the site temporarily.  

Balloon lights are a compact, portable lighting solution. They can provide up to 2,000 watts of quiet, glare-free light with fewer reflections and shadows. Light towers are also effective at providing bright coverage across a wide area.  

Furthermore, in areas where large amounts of light are needed, string lighting or Christmas lights can be used. Heavy duty guards may be used to secure individual lights. To properly secure these lights in their plastic lamp guards, sockets are necessary. 

Waterproof Workwear   

Whether it’s snowing or drizzling, construction work seldom stops due to the weather. Therefore, it’s crucial for construction workers to wear the appropriate gear to stay safe and comfortable.  

Waterproof gear is essential to keep workers dry in wet weather and protect them from hypothermia. Necessary winter workwear includes waterproof coats, boots, and gloves to keep workers warm and dry from head to toe. High-quality wear should be lightweight and flexible, so it doesn’t interfere with any task.  

To ensure the workwear continues to offer the appropriate amount of protection, make sure each worker properly cleans and dries the gear after every use. Not only will keeping the clothing dry provide the highest form of protection, leaving the clothing dirty or damp can degrade the material, causing it to smell or grow mold. Also, make sure to store the gear in a safe location and regularly inspect it for damage.  

Leppo Winter Equipment  

Without proper preparation, working during the winter months could be rough. Don’t risk falling behind schedule or putting your employees at risk.  

We will provide you with any equipment you need. From renting and buying to parts and attachments, we have it all. Our service team can keep your equipment running smoothly all winter. Contact Leppo Rents today. 


Become a winter warrior with Leppo Rents


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