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Construction Equipment Manufacturing Trends for 2024

By Leppo Rents
January 5, 2024

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for change.  

While the new year will have its challenges, with hard work and preparation your construction business can successfully conquer any new developments or hurdles that come.  

To help you start the new year, let’s discuss some things to watch for in the near future.  

Predictive Maintenance  

Predictive maintenance has grown by 285% over the last 10 years and will remain a top priority in the construction industry. What exactly is this type of maintenance?  

Predictive maintenance monitors the condition of assets through sensor devices. These sensors supply real-time data that is used to predict when the asset will need maintenance, helping operators to prevent equipment failure. This type of artificial intelligence pinpoints the root of the problem before it becomes a major issue.  

Predictive maintenance is essential for many reasons. It will help you eliminate downtime, maximize the lifespan of the equipment, and schedule maintenance at the right time, not too early or too late.  

Workforce Challenges  

Due to the need for skilled labor, there is expected to be a slight decline in manufacturing growth. To combat the lack of available skills, manufacturers will likely raise wages and offer training to reskill workers. Some recommended trainings to further labor skills are: 

  • OSHA Compliance Certification — Certification in safety and health training requirements to ensure workers have the required skills and knowledge to do their work safely.  
  • Jobsite Safety and Planning — Jobsite planning that identifies, prevents, and reduces safety issues.  
  • Operator Responsibilities — Training in operating heavy machinery, communicating effectively, following safety standards, maintaining equipment, and monitoring system gauges.  
  • Orientation to the Equipment — Equipment training on specific hazards to avoid and how to handle the equipment safely.  
  • Equipment Use and Operating Techniques — Technical training to properly handle equipment. 
  • Individualized Student Assessments — Tests designed to help employees review and put into practice the techniques they’ve learned. 

Businesses that can adapt in the case of changing circumstances will have an added advantage over their competitors. Therefore, upskilling and reskilling employees will be implemented for increased agility in the workplace.  

Manufacturers are increasingly aware of the correlation between good mental health and productivity. Therefore, an emphasis on mental health will continue to be a priority. Health programs that offer mental support will be more readily available.  


Sustainability will become more regulated in the coming year. Back in 2021, the California Air Resources Board passed a measure that will require most newly manufactured small off-road engines and equipment to be zero emission by 2024. 

Sustainability supports ecological, human, and economic health and vitality. This practice encourages conservation along with a view to the long-term priorities and consequences of the resources that are used.  

Some examples of sustainability in construction include operating machinery that reduces fuel costs and emissions, using eco-friendly building material, minimizing rework, and reducing waste.  

Infrastructure Investment  

The Infrastructure and Jobs Act will increase government spending on infrastructure by at least $550 billion over the next decade. This investment in infrastructure will include funding toward transit, motor carriers, broadband, and additional research. With this much investment going toward the Department of Transportation, there will be an even higher need for skilled labor and construction companies to take on more projects. 

More projects mean more equipment. As this initiative puts boots to ground, look for construction organizations to increase their fleets to be able to support the needs of the government’s plans.  

Leppo Rents  

As discussed, staying ahead of the curve has never been more crucial for your construction business.  

The expected boom in infrastructure will heighten the need for predictive maintenance, additional labor, reskilling employees, and sustainability in the workplace. 

The good news is there is no need to navigate this ever-changing industry alone. We are here to help you.  

Leppo Rents is prepared to guide you through all the new developments in the construction industry. We are ready to support your business with equipment, parts, and training. All our machines are backed up with a warranty, and our used machines are completely inspected and repaired as needed. 

We offer strategies to keep you up to date with the latest construction industry trends. Visit our blog or contact us today. 


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