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Inside the Leppo Service Team

By Leppo Rents
May 25, 2023

Few things cause more stress on a jobsite than malfunctioning equipment. There’s nothing worse than having a crew on site and ready to work, only to find a forklift won’t start or the excavator has a hydraulic leak. That’s why Leppo Rents provides services to ensure your equipment runs reliably, efficiently, and safely.  

We’ve been serving the construction industry for nearly five decades. Our customers rely on us and our machinery to accomplish the toughest and most complex jobs. From emergency repairs to pick-up and delivery, our technicians have the expertise and willingness to assist you.  

Here are some of the most common services completed at Leppo Rents:  

Equipment Repair  

Equipment repairs can be needed at any time, or problems will arise. You need a quick solution that keeps your project on schedule. Whether they're for excavators, lifts, loaders, or skid steers, our warehouses are fully stocked with authentic Bobcat, JLG parts and more. In addition, we have high-quality alternatives to meet the specific needs of all your equipment.  

We provide on-site repairs for equipment that can’t be transported. Leppo Rents’ factory-trained technicians will take care of your machinery on the jobsite. Our skilled team knows the machinery well and will have the right tools and parts to get your equipment repaired and running in no time.  

Scheduled Maintenance 

A regular maintenance program is crucial to minimizing equipment failure, extending the life of the equipment, and preventing problems before they happen. Leppo Rents offers scheduled maintenance packages for your equipment. Scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment will save you time and money in the long run and keep the jobsite safe.  

Pick-Up & Delivery  

Don’t have time to pick up and take back your equipment? Our services include pick-up and delivery options. Each piece of equipment will be managed by team members who regularly work closely with it. Machines are maintained by regular service and are delivered by our drivers who are experts in hauling every piece of equipment. We make sure it works and is ready to go when you are. We have the delivery process down to a science so you can focus on the job. 


We provide the best equipment plans for our customers and promise to provide equipment that is both productive and long-lasting. Leppo Rents offers extended warranties on all Bobcat equipment, so you can have peace of mind when problems arise. Bobcat extended warranties guard you against any additional repair costs that may occur. Warranty repairs are eligible both on-site and in-shop.  

Leppo Rents’ Service Team  

Our team is dedicated and passionate about everything we do. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and caring for you and your machine. Our goal is to help your business finish every job on time, help you reach your long-term goals, and make your jobs and life as successful as possible. When you win, we all win.  

Contact us today with any questions about the services and equipment we offer. One of our service managers would be glad to help.  


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