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The Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment for Your Project

By Leppo Rents
September 4, 2023

Choosing the right construction equipment for your job is crucial, and eventually, your fleet may start to feel like more of a liability than an asset.  

The larger your fleet expands, the more equipment you are responsible for maintaining. Storage, transportation, repairs, and insurance are other bills that are related to equipment ownership. Here are the benefits of renting construction equipment for your project: 

Financial Benefits

The main benefit of renting construction equipment is that there are no upkeep costs. Maintenance is a significant expense of owning equipment. You’ll need to create a maintenance schedule, develop a budget for new parts, and hire a technician who has training in each machine’s specific needs.  

Although buying used equipment is more cost-effective than buying new equipment, it can still be more expensive to maintain. Normal wear-and-tear is likely to affect your machine and if a manufacturer doesn’t support that given machine anymore, replacement parts can become more difficult and expensive to source.  

No Upfront Costs

The price tag on the piece of machinery you are looking to purchase is not the only expense that comes with buying equipment. You will have costs associated with insurance, maintenance, and more. When renting equipment, you are not responsible for these extra costs. 

No Transportation Costs

With owned equipment, you are responsible for coordinating transportation to your jobsite. Additional trucks, trailers and personnel may be needed to ensure your owned equipment makes it to the jobsite. 

When renting, the rental company can handle the logistics of transportation for you. They will drop off, pick up, and even relocate the equipment to the next jobsite for you. 

No Depreciation

Similar to the depreciation of vehicles, construction equipment tends to decrease in value, but you can keep away from this by exploring rental equipment instead of purchasing equipment. Even when buying used equipment, you may still run into expensive maintenance costs, and you won’t be able to escape the effects of depreciation. 

When renting equipment, all you need to worry about is the cost of renting for the length of the project and insurance.  

No Storage Costs

Another advantage of renting construction equipment instead of purchasing it is the freedom from bearing the burden of storage costs. When you rent equipment, you can avoid the need for dedicated storage space such as a warehouse or facility, which can be a significant expense depending on the amount and size of your equipment. By opting for rental equipment, you can get the machinery you need when you need it, without worrying about where you’re going to house it long-term. This flexibility allows you to allocate resources efficiently and focus more on project execution while lowering your costs.  

Access to the Latest Technology

Due to the competitiveness of the rental industry, construction equipment rental companies are more likely to offer new rental machinery that allows you to work faster, more efficiently and safer while on the job. Rental companies increase the accessibility of new equipment by making it available on a temporary and affordable basis. 

Try Before You Buy

If you are looking to buy a piece of equipment, renting it first allows you to test it out before you buy it. Renting allows you to determine how the machine performs, how your operators like it and whether it’s the right model for you. This flexibility ensures that you are investing in equipment to best fit your needs.  


Renting gives you access to a variety of equipment and tools, allowing you to accept more varied contracts, and ultimately make more money. Because you have the right equipment available that you can rent for just the length of your project, you will have access to a variety of models to fulfill each job’s scope. When you rent equipment, you are allowing yourself access to the right equipment for the job. Using equipment that isn’t appropriate for a job is unsafe and inefficient.  

Contact Leppo Rents for Rental Equipment

Depending on your budget, you may feel tempted to purchase equipment outright for your company. There are pros and cons that should be considered for both. Renting construction equipment can save you time and money and allows you access to the latest technology and provides you with lower liability and zero maintenance responsibility.  

Don’t know where to start? Leppo Rents has you covered. We maintain our equipment to the highest standard so that you can handle your toughest projects with ease. Eliminate extra costs — contact Leppo Rents today to learn about our rental rates. 


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