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Your Spring Construction Equipment Checklist

By Leppo Rents
May 14, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. How to Prepare Equipment for Spring Construction
  2. Basic Maintenance and Repairs
  3. Check Inventory and Equipment
  4. Confirm Your Construction Schedule
  5. Training Your Team and Crew
  6. Manage the Weather to Your Advantage


Spring is a time when the weather and construction work heats up. Jobs are ramping up, crews are getting busy, and many are starting to feel the schedule crunch. 

You want your equipment and crews ready to make the most out of the season. You need to maximize your work output by preparing for spring. 

How to Prepare Equipment for Spring Construction 

Taking time to prep and ready your equipment will ensure your team can hit the ground without delay once the weather warms and jobsites open. Using the checklist below will help make sure you haven’t missed anything in your spring equipment planning.  

Basic Maintenance and Repairs 

Depending on your local climate, the harsh winter months can be particularly hard on equipment. Run your machinery at the end of winter and schedule repairs when needed. In addition to a visual check, any basic maintenance review should include the following: 

  • Check the tires: The cold can be hard on tires, so conduct a visual inspection for any cracking or inflation problems. Make sure the tires hold air and replace any that show damage. 
  • Check filters: Dirty or clogged filters can damage your engine or reduce its efficiency. Clean or replace filters that are dirty or inadequate. 
  • Check equipment fluids: Hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and coolant should all be clean and topped off before spring work. For coolant, run the engine and then inspect the coolant for contaminants. Review your equipment manual to make sure you're using the correct fluids. 
  • Clean equipment: Give the interior and exterior of your equipment a good cleaning before the season starts. This also works as another visual inspection. 

It’s a good idea to have a company available for any comprehensive maintenance or repairs that you need. You may have an internal resource or employee who can handle light maintenance, but a professional resource, a resource like the factory-trained technicians at Leppo Rents, can reduce the risk of potential maintenance issues while you’re on the jobsite. 

Check Inventory and Equipment 

After conducting maintenance on the equipment and making sure it runs smoothly, you’ll want to conduct a full inventory check of your working and available equipment and tools. Review what you have on hand, and what the status of the equipment is. You should identify any equipment that may require additional maintenance or possible repairs during the season.  

Confirm Your Construction Schedule 

Once you have a good idea of your inventory, compare it to your work schedule to confirm that you have the equipment you need available and ready to perform. Identify any schedule gaps, then determine if rental equipment is necessary. Keep in mind that spring is not only the busy season for you, but also for other construction crews. Don’t wait to make a reservation once you identify a need. Schedule your rental equipment ahead of time to ensure it’s available and ready for your crew once work starts. 

Training Your Team and Crew 

It’s important for the safety of your crew to have trained operators for equipment. It takes training to run construction equipment safely and effectively. Leppo Rents offers training and certification classes if you need them.  Don’t hesitate to contact Leppo to review available training or schedule classes for your crew. 

Manage the Weather to Your Advantage 

By taking the time to prepare for the busy spring season ahead, you can make this the best year yet for your construction business.  

Need a hand? Talk to the experts at Leppo Rents about your equipment, maintenance, and repair needs. They can help you with rentals, maintenance and repair services, and with replacement parts. Leppo understands how to make the most out of your equipment, ensuring you have the right machine for your needs. 



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