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Prepping Your Construction Company for a Busy Spring

By Leppo Rents
March 4, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Assess Your Equipment Fleet
  2. Stay Ahead with Equipment Upgrades
  3. Stay up to Date with the Project Trends in Your Industry
  4. Routine Maintenance
    1. Clean Equipment
    2. Change Filters
    3. Inspect Coolant
  5. Ensuring Safety and Compliance


Preparation becomes increasingly more important as the construction industry gears up for the spring. From safety measures and routine maintenance to staying up to date on industry trends and equipment upgrades, preparation is the key to success. Implement these practices to enhance productivity, promote safety and compliance, and ensure excellence in the demanding spring season. 

Assess Your Equipment Fleet

The busiest part of the year for contractors is quickly approaching, and it’s crucial to know what equipment you have and need. Take the time to review your inventory and keep your upcoming projects in mind while making notes of the equipment you need that you may not currently have.  

Start by identifying your most immediate needs to avoid overspending on unnecessary equipment and tools. In this industry, needs and projects can evolve, and it's important to remain flexible and responsive to these changes. 

Staying Ahead with Equipment Upgrades

In an industry as competitive as construction, maintaining your competitive edge becomes crucial. By embracing technological innovation, you enable your team to improve their safety, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. To meet the evolving demands of this industry, staying ahead of the curve with trends and upgraded equipment is essential as part of the preparation process for a busy season. 

For example, Bobcat’s MT100 Mini-Track Loader has advanced maintenance and safety features, including neutral start interlocks and sealed rollers. This mini-track loader boasts a powerful breakout force and impressive lift height.  

Another example of upgraded equipment is Bobcat’s S770 Skid-Steer Loader. This skid-steer loader is powered by a robust engine to deliver impressive horsepower and is designed for all-around visibility, allowing you to gain better sight lines for easier operation.  

By upgrading your fleet, you are ensuring jobsite productivity, lowering maintenance costs, and enabling your team members the flexibility and versatility to complete a wide variety of projects with safety and ease. 

Stay up to Date with the Project Trends in Your Industry

Staying up to date with the project trends in your industry is essential. In a dynamic industry like construction, it’s important to have versatile team members who are trained and equipped to complete projects associated with these new trends.  

In the everchanging world of construction, it's essential to embrace the latest innovations, technologies, and strategies. This enhances your efficiency and keeps you in the race against competitors. Remaining adaptable, flexible, informed, and proactive not only prepares your company for a busy season but also enables you to deliver better results to your customers. 


Routine Maintenance

Conducting routine maintenance procedures on your equipment fleet is important regardless of the season. However, if you don’t currently have a routine maintenance plan, now is the time to create one. A large part of preparing for a busy season is ensuring your equipment is ready to go. There are many steps to take regarding routine equipment maintenance, but here are a few important ones: 

Clean Equipment

Construction equipment is regularly exposed to extreme conditions. Dirt, grease, and buildup can create a hazardous environment that increases the chance of malfunctions and equipment breakdowns.  

Prepare your construction equipment for work this spring by cleaning your equipment. Scheduling professional cleaning will remove accumulated debris that can shorten the life span of your construction equipment and ensure the machinery is fully optimized and safe for heavy use. Furthermore, clean construction equipment will increase efficiency and jobsite safety.  

Change Filter

Filters get clogged and dirty. For this reason, make sure to change all machine filters.  

An unclean filter can reduce efficiency and increase contaminants in the machine’s system. Besides increasing efficiency and preventing machinery breakdown, properly working filters give your construction a boost and help you save on fuel costs.  

A clean filter will also keep your engine from experiencing unnecessary stress needed to operate. Clean air will create better engine performance, extend the engine’s lifespan, and reduce unnecessary maintenance.  

Inspect Coolant

Inspecting coolant is an important part of maintaining a vehicle’s cooling system. Coolant or antifreeze is important for your machine’s cooling systems to prevent freezing, corrosion, cavitation, and rust. For this reason, a periodic inspection is important. 

When inspecting coolant, look at the color. It should be clear with no rust and showing no sign of mixing with another antifreeze type. Inspect the coolant for signs of contamination, oil, or debris. 

Examine the engine and the area surrounding the coolant for evidence of leaks, puddles, or stains. These could indicate a coolant leak.  

You can use sample strips to test additive concentrations. With these strips you can spot any problems from the color changes which indicate freeze/boil, nitrate levels, or pH. 

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Preparing for a busy season means doing what you can ahead of time to prevent unnecessary challenges. Prioritizing safety is another forward-thinking strategy to ensure smooth operations this spring. Consider implementing mandatory OSHA Compliance Training. 

Safety and equipment handling procedure training requires an investment of your time, but it keeps your team members safe and protects your company against legal and financial consequences associated with a lack of compliance. To shield your company from long-term setbacks, invest your time and money into these kinds of programs. You'll thank yourself later.  

Prepare for a Busy Spring with Leppo Rents

We know how important your construction business is. Implementing proactive measures like routine maintenance, safety training, equipment upgrades, and staying ahead of the curve with industry trends enhances productivity, reduces downtime, and maintains your competitive edge.  

At Leppo, we understand the most important piece of equipment in your fleet is the one that isn’t working, and we are committed to helping you maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Contact us today to learn about our emergency equipment repair and planned and scheduled maintenance services. Prepare yourself for a busy, productive, and successful spring season with Leppo Rents. 



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